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Super Smash Flash

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If you are an online game fanatic, then you definitely love to play those whose theme focuses on fighting your enemies. There are hundreds or even millions of combat game to choose from and one that you should try out today is Super Smash Flash game. You need to try it because it comes out in a different way unlike others. For example, in this game your health is measured different because the more you are being attacked and get injured, you % will rise meaning that you are losing. Now, when playing this game, take heed because higher percentage may cheat you that you are actually winning which isn’t the case. The Super Smash Flash game you can play in two different modes which are stock and time mode. In time mode for example, you will earn some points as long as you have beaten down your opponent. One funny thing about this fighting game is that when you get equal marks, that can’t be a draw but you will have to proceed to the knockout stage. There could be several players at a go but the game can only complete when there is only one standing.

In the game you can choose the character you want but you should know that each one of them has different skill. It’s advisable in Super Smash Flash to choose those who have got special types of attacks for this will increase your chances of winning. The Super Smash Flash game controls are very simple. The “W”, “A”, “S” and “D” keys from your keyboards are supposed to be for the ‘1st’ player, while the ‘2nd’ player users the “Arrow Keys”. For special moves, use “O” key, “P” for special attacks and for taunting you use “1” key among other controls. Now that you have been given the key to a special door that host the most amazing fighting game, what are you waiting for!!!

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